wilderness of spirit

…gives meaning to the wilderness of spirit I am living in.

– bell hooks, all about love


mantra in an underground

your finger draws the bead of sweat down my forehead
each heat in me radiating inward into your thin point

what, this baptism
what, this turning of the soul

and endless from the corner humming



one I


will have





wander ladder (*warning, this is a weird poem)

Part 1: I returned with a smile. With a long exhale. That restored the rhythm. Eventually, a harmony. Bombardier belonging. To vision. In the company of loved ones. Alone. Awake in it.


Less alcohol. Less sex and more long pauses on each others chests. Hadn’t felt intimacy since August 22nd 2017. This was not a problem – more, a circumstance (well it was a big problem for a bit there, ya).

Drank drank it in. I remember breathing it directly into the skin.


A partner. A lounging search for one. Or, prefer knowing now the slow turning of soul that is solitude. Took time. Taking time. Takes. Lives happily at the bottom of the lake 🙂

Now. Melt with the windows. 

Part 2: My friends lately. Bend down. Their breath bold smoke in the cold. Their champion. Are we going to be ok? Well…yes. Their love and mine in utero.

These Babes. They’re wild-longing. I know these, the most impressive people.

They lend each other rain.

They’re just, lil bubbos.

Part 3: Well, love does take shape. No need to set fire.




at the sudden loving

this is what they spoke of

when they spoke of happiness

when they mentioned maintenance

as the true act of love

every door seems larger, longer

than before


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