Song for trust




Regular slick flow, and a held hiccup

Feels sweet you know, after a few minutes

After a few minutes, shoulder socket aches

A numb hand, and a swelling lip

Every every night we total, and paper spits out

The report works well, to keep track

To keep track, and settle our accounts.

Your account of me, might mismatch

When I’m down, near your knees

When it’s mugged, the air and heat

You finally feel your skin, and a touch

What’s twitching, your need or your hunger

Your need or your hunger, is it any difference?

With a broiling, and a hug wrapped thick

Slide into pants, slide into blue jeans

Both of us a shiver, out late in the back

and it suddenly-




Recall a sun, gentrified

In its glow, its setting hums

We were both settling, into an eventual humdinger

We were both in love with, and out of

We were both, fluid and skimmed at the top

When the cream lands, it splats

Then dries in the day, then a dog licks it

Then a dog licks it, and others recoil

At the sight, at the singleness of this dog

This dog licking spoiled, and then along it trots

With a smile, relaxed and spilled across a snout.

I left with a smile, I left with a sharp inhale

Eyes twitching from stress, and a machination

That bends every choice, into a marathon

Into a marathon, is how most enter

Is how most enter, telling of their exit

Sometimes it’s just worth it, an enthralling

An enthralling, and digestion

And digestion, comes after a sickness of fullness.



Were you at home, when your original desire

Locked eyes and held you, worked a foreign air

Languid and disruptive, and destined to bend

And destined to bend, you did bend

But with a poker in hand, the whole way tense

The whole way tense, the whole way unrelenting

Even if the goal, never resembling that original

Seemed to hunch like a beacon, a hill unknown

And launching toward, a regular durge.

It rained, it rained for one million years

And your oceans filled, though they filled slowly

And you brought life, in and around wherever

It could fit, it could push through placenta

Warm lines of air, flowing directly into

Flowing directly into, never ceasing

Never ceasing, you brought in air

You brought in air, all around and warm

Will they know warm air, and the deafening

Of one million crickets, singing as the warmth drops.




Terror of the bed tonight, longing for an extra hour

Longing for an extra hour, and lounging in effortless

This will continue, and for months it will pour

It will spill onto passerby, and swish in their mouths

You’ll notice strengthening of muscles, and dirt

And dirt, will begin to collect in the corners

The noises will combine, to a fruitful chime

And bring you some solace, and time

And time, will continue through and back around

You’ll as a circle, rip tear and careen.

For the time being, careening is effortless

To stop the careen, to stop the floating

In the middle of the day, without the clocks wish

You’ll notice your second hand, and stop

And stop, it’s not worth the minimal effort

It’s not worth the minimal effort, but wait

Wait and you’ll receive, the effort of waiting.



What can be owed, to an eventual trust

The rushing blood of time, or the eternal.

Or the eternal, forever perched in mind

Overseeing not fate, but a sense of purpose

While direction is the end, and not a sense of purpose.

However you spend this time, will it not eventually end?


Relearning alot.

Remaining aloft.

This is growth.

This is change.

Not expected.

But desired.

And perfect.



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