UMa: Ursa Major

bend your face alittle
over your lease
up above the end of the street
your body out in public
healing in real time
your knee unlocks
eases itself into the lake
a warm body with
a cool top

you chose gentleness
in this new heat
how is strength always
hiding in the bending
how does it arrive w/
the morning
some mornings
and lend uncertainty
a better blanket
to keep the air in
sitting content or
some kind of happy
on the stoop

through the past
few months
myriad ectothermic
friendships that glisten
new against the passing
as the entire pier
shifts from deeper
currents farther out
does it arrive w/ those
same currents
events nearly imperceivable
until suddenly-
the sea

or a body’s back
on the wooden floor
a warm thing
and a hardness
linking Earth to
shoulder blades
no need to hammer
them into submission
or die for the cause
in anticipation of
a sundowne

be the bear they say
an ursa major
how to balance the
inner she-bear
with longer and longer
claws that push from
the floor
of a darkening sky
no matter if, or
when, an easier
rest approaches

either way
it’ll take
some black lipstick
or blouse to entreat
a dance w/ a new version
on the street newly
no, not barren or
choosing an embrace
and pumping
each others blood

take my hands
heap them on
until the dreams
continue through
their best parts
and then the drums
from out the mouth
out to the corner
join me in the flight
a membership
an annual event

yes the revelry
yes the red lanterns
yes the silence on the
edge of the celebration

we can escape there
Any time we need

the voice and lights
fading as we exit

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