So, the format has shifted a bit, or really just the schedule.
We’ll go monthly from now on.

This Month, featuring the photography of Cole Witter.

Cole is a very skilled and thoughtful photographer, and has been doing some incredible work throughout NYC for the past couple of years. Luckily, he obliged me when asked if some of his photos could be featured on allthisthunder, and then generously provided the images that populate this post.

Please check out more of his work here.



Home Late

home late

find a flower. Butter it.
grease and satin. better now.
steely neck. arm wraparound.
all my friends. are dancers.
when you greet them.

some are made of steak. and horseradish.
the preferred dressing. they let melt in the sun.
all my friends. are nudely.
legs out. every hair immaculate.
when they greet you.

we mix colors. others don’t agree.
and slide together. a random joke.
we clean one another. of the AM.
and babble into. then learn our monsters.
how to greet them.

where to rest together. a community.
blooming in utero. atypical silos.
search for the staple gun. our needs.
they’re healthy. they’re brimming.
that’s how they greet you.



ida buried her grandmother just once

Ida plunges her plow into the ground
And cuts a single note through the cool earth

-but it’s graphic
-some earthworms die

Ida walks from the field burning a stick
And it’s all the field can do, not to sigh

-slick and weathered
-she muscles through

Ida buried her grandmother just once
Among that cloudless patch of grass and sand

-she felt garbled
-and rendered lite

Ida searches at dusk for what she found
Years ago on a similar sojourn

-there are worries
-she’s worried out

Ida returns to her robust memry’
When she was the depth of the ocean too

-when she poured
-her power out

Ida returns to her robust memry’
When her spine ran the length of the cliff long

-when she cracked
-a boulder halved

Ida leans her weight against the alone

-and sunset bends


Processed with VSCO with c9 preset

in front of nature

Gawd these legs-

That walk took fucking forever—————————————————————-

*You fill me up

You know that/

You fill me

Sometimes you only seem lent to us
And i worry you’ll become a statue
For others to walk by in a tall room
And wonder at how-a-wonder
The time with you must have been


               You’re cut
You’re so cut
               I see your stomache
And mine is aching for yours
               I’m full on you after, so

                                                                                                  No stop shouting

Not so much
The mood


Remember you’re from me
Remember my forearm
Remember several different waiting rooms
Remember the events
That lead to us



Push back to me – and that milk – rushes through – brand new – my eyes up at yours

I’m in control



Put some sunscreen on

built from

a body borne.


why devote time,

to the sky.

you’re wondrous,



And what,

a feat.


the field,


wander dawned.

and bodies,

in assembly,



in their




a health,

around them.


in oldness,

its nudity.

it’s new

To me.

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