Alright that’s it

So it goes.

Allthisthunder as a weekly poetry record ends on a happy note. The format has naturally expired; or run its course. 25 weeks is enough already!

Other projects are calling. But this blog will have updates from time to time.

A huge and heartfelt thank you to all the contributors. Your words and honesty lent a degree of credibility to this endeavor that would have otherwise been unattainable:

Danny Turek
Jasmine Henri Jordan
Fletcher Pierson
Juli Del Prete
Jenn Geiger
Neal Javenkoski
Rachael Everson
Jacob Horstmeier
Kate Cuellar

Thanks for the readership. Thanks for a platform.

How about that horse in a onesie though? Uffda.

Let’s end with a crisp clean haiku:

To set a weird goal
and attain new perspective
-that’s not what I planned.


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