truth looks like



their length is ten times yours
and even deeper still
a color held longer
a note that travels miles
held together a song

a rapture or an eve
when light leaves a new mark
the sentence begins now
follow deep down the throat
a truth of the stomach

underwater mountain
your guide in the wreckage
their length pulls you downward
glint of a forgotten rock
and deeper deeper still

will the uncertain depth
attend or just devote
you to an uncertain
depth of your new-found soul
and deeper deeper still



good grief

it’ll take all evening
checking account with-child

surrounded by cards now
get well soon or just well

and electric heater
supplements the boiler

taking a good amount
of supplements lately

it’s still a wild dark red
where they found them last week

can’t pretend to feel safe
the old hum of traffic

sounds to me a new kind
of dark and lowly work

oh, have to work in the
morning – could you hold me

my neighbor, my neighbor
you are needed tonight

hard enough harmonies
you, me, and the dull crowd

my neighbor, my neighbor
chase them away tonight

how can you fear what you
used to crave, a good sleep

brings me back to that one
moment over and – oh

set the timer won’t you
the sun is rising now

-Kerry James Marshall

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