Find, uh, home

This week we look at the theme of Sanctuary. Featuring the work of Jacob Horstmeier.



by Jacob Horstmeier

I was lost in halls of a statehouse, tiled
walls adorned with ancient imaginations
telling of a ritual weighing of the
soul on a scale of

costs and gains. Economies: nature at her
worst. His soul too cumbersome, lacking profit.
Death he’s fed to. Capitol clergy talk of
putting the masses

back to work, I’m passing a cloister, thrumming.
Through the open colonnade, workers sit at
loud machines, a trance of a sort controls their
bodies, speaking:

O, God of Production,
You bless us with this entrance
beneath your fluorescent glow.
Your gear oil our life blood,
Your workhouse our sanctuary.
May our energies be spent
as you see fit, for we know not
what to do with these idle hands.
May our time, temporal, cross
the threshold into your eternal,
ever churning, ever producing body.
For sleep is the cousin of death,
and may we rather die
than be under utilized.
Fill us with obedience,
for we know well the wish
of the shift manager issues
directly from Your divine wisdom.
May we never stray from
the bottom line.
May we always shun
our spoiled minds,
For only through You,
O, God of Production,
shall we find salvation
in these troubled times.

Post this prayer…whispers I’m hearing…perching
bird sees hope from visible darkness. Silence
making music out of this blindness, lightness
springs from within me.




Sanctuary Levitate

by Alexander Gudding

(does home come carried in a side pocket) (does a train yell in your ear long after it’s left)

(a sanctuary in the back of every jacket) (and potentially the humming of a laden heart)


handing the talisman over / to pour milk and drape flowers about the deity

“this will bring rain”

(Emma heaving from the act) (whole sometimes) (others, bit in half)

(when hunger outweighs hate) (arms out and a neck clean) (a body clean)

(a duty to keep cleansed on the steps of this house, this is a house)

will this sanctuary one day be compared to nature / a bird

“or something that soared”







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