Bounce this Ghost



hung the pictures tonight
after a restful drink
and a dustful eight months

one a postcard from a western friend
one a design from other hands
one a piece of paper w/ words

each either an old lament
each either an old friend
each anew piece of who we’ve become

couldn’t consider it a talent
to finally break out the level
and do some math in here

get the angle
pay it mind
and straighten out this rented wall

load a small cache into this small box
press a thumb to the ceiling
and let it peel as it needs

no one is home
no one is leaving
no one leaves a light on anymore

there’s no need to avoid
the darkness down the hall
or the window’s wide stare

a trinity lengthens my chest
and air rushes in
and in and in and in

room 3




There are ghosts in here
What you hold in your hands
Or read on the screen
Invites them in



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