lurning the curve


And suddenly my words stood gummed-shut up.
Honey in a vacuum.

A better suit to wear would have been nice,
Instead of a balloon.

Is health a private vision to be claimed;
A tightening of the load.

To float above with weathered parasol,
And search for smoother stones.


The body taught itself to swim,
and climb back in the sea again;

how does a body learn instead,
to thrust arms against and begin.

There is oxygen enormous,
enough to burst the lungs in bed;

but lungs can leave you breathless friend,
and take the leading from the led.


lay your length down,
alongside mine.
heat from the underarm.
smell of an exposed neck.

create a line;
lend it breath, so
our aching knees unlock
and reinforce the spine.

then give it time.




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