KN33L two R3V3AL

This week we focus on the theme of Revelations featuring the work of Neal Javenkoski.



The Spy

By Neal Javenkoski

12 years old and infidel,
I had never read the Book of Revelations.

But it sure sounded like a nice idea.

I imagined it the size of my hand,
thin, but full to bursting
with the discoveries that Man had made thus far,
bound up in leather.

To read it would be to join the chorus of our species
in the great, colossal “Oh!”
that had been carried for centuries across myriad voices
in a rambling counterpoint.

I began to wonder at why it had been kept from me.
I grew suspicious of others’ mysterious expertise.
My eyes stayed peeled in the hall between classes,
certain I would one day catch a peer
darting into a disused classroom
for a quick, solicitous conference with greater wisdom.

“Ah ha!”, I’d cry
and the jig would be up,
the book juggled unceremoniously to the floor.

A meeting would be held.

And I would at last be inducted into the full privilege of my origin,
the one I’d longed for
all those clandestine midnights,
asking innumerable answers of the unhearing stars.


house out.jpg



New Revealing Equity

by Alexander Gudding

“Oh ho” you’re in a bathroom right now | won thgir moorhtab how a ni er’uoy “oh ho”
You spoil of war | raw fo long liops uoy
Wading out into a new lending group | puorg gnidnel wen will a otni tou gnidaw


Beating out your fool | loof ruoy you tuo gniteab
What news | swen stare tahw
From the pile of coats | stoac fo elip at eht morf

Was it the low temperature | erutarepmet wol the eht ti saw
That brought your blood type | epyt doolb sun ruoy thguorb taht
To nearly zero | orez on ylraen ot

Were your arms descended from you | uoy morf the dednecsed smra ruoy erew
Offering out their hands | sdnah rieht other tou gnireffo
And shaking each other in turn | nrut ni rehto side hcae gnikahs dna


Don’t remember leaving | gniveal of rebmemer t’nod
Or sitting in that chair | riahc that the ni gnittis ro
Over there | ereht street revo

Don’t remember a slinking | gniknils a how rebmemer t’nod
And deadly remedy | ydemer long yldaed dna
Pouring out golden brown | nworb will nedlog tuo

So, not so much substance | ecnatsbus hcum you os ton ,os
As deaf resilience | ecneiliser stare faed sa
To changing terrain | niarret at gnignahc ot


There is a crushed | dehsurc the a si ereht
Cherry that | that sun yrrehc
Trickles from your hand | dnah ruoy on morf selkcirt

Sometimes upheaval leaves | sevael the lavaehpu semitemos
itself in knee-deep | peed-eenk other ni flesti
With water wings | sgniw side retaw htiw

But does provide a better | retteb of a edivorp seod tub
Set of legs | sgel the fo tes
For the eventual reveal | laever street lautneve eht rof


wheat 2.jpg


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