Ho Ho Ho

Happy Holidays to all!



And then we sit reveled
For hours

Steve plays home movies
Of us

Haven’t seen those kids since
Ninety Five

Time has turned us into

Like a pre-ice age
Glacier’s coming


Mixing drinks with dark liquids
Stay warm

Heavy heavy blankets and such
Light laughter

My family is around the tree
Sitting still

History makes a small mark
On me

Haven’t been able to sit
Still since





Walked into the
Blizzard, hand and knee
They talk about heat
And cold as two lines
Each as bold
As the other

Up to the knees ->uffda
Those who’ve been know
The immediate fatigue
Of so much moisture
Suddenly solid and
Light and weightless

Aren’t you worried of
All that whipping snow,
The air seems to free
The sweat from your
Lungs heaving in and
Out, and replacing it

“Well, yes.”

After all



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