The new millennium



angel humming, angel
hands and ardor
set the bone
daylight out

angel humming, angel
color your hair
change of pace
on your plate

angel humming, angel
when your flight lands
contrails stay cold
against the blue

angel humming, angel
always the time
and not the mood
always kindness





and there’s a launch
the wave pulls back
the tide recedes, if only
for a moment and suddenly
as if from a memory
comes roaring back

it’s fine, it’s just chewing
they didn’t even think of this
that it could so suddenly arrive
from years ago
from miles ago
far out it felt like a ripple

on shore it’s roaring
and the wreckage is mounting
banner blues don’t shine
like they do back home
here they’re brown
and a delicate white

what home is there

when home is

held under

held for too long





the new millennium turns
eighteen today

it can vote
it can smoke
it can go to war
it can buy pornography

it it so chooses

the new millennium turns
eighteen today

it might start looking for new
dorm furniture at target
or it might not

the new millennium will sit
and stare at where it grew up
with a new sense of place
or it might not
especially if the new millennium grew up
in a military family

the new millennium will delete embarassing
photos, statuses, texts, and burn old things
the new millennium will take advantage of
discounted membership fees to the local gym
and not take advantage of the gym

it will stand and watch
as adulthood clobbers it with a rock
and the new millennium will learn from its
stupid mistakes

and the new millennium will organize
and start coalitions to eradicate
homelessness, sexism, racism, and identity politics
and improve public housing

the new millennium will embrace empathy
and kindness
the new millennium will learn to love
the way the old millenniums never could
(except Bea Arthur)

*in loving memory of Bea Arthur



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