Hys: In Three


Hys Body

Will hys body
Rob hym of
Joy, and leave
Friends in failure
Joints in disarray

Or, will hys
Body become sacred
And kept well
As a folded
Blanket, across feet

Will hys body
Be self-celebratory
Cleansed each morning
And salted with
care, to taste

Or, will hys
Body become trained
Like mine was
And learn to
Crush shells, wanton

Will hys hair
Grow long, and
Wrap about hys
Waist so it
Stays in shape

Will hys hands
Clap with such
Fervor, they become
Larger and larger




Hys love

When hys life
Is first graced
With love, will
hys body swallow
another and then
Consume them for
Fuel in the
leaner months, or
Will hys love
Consume hym

Will hys love
For country, and
Profession, turn on
Hym when he
Least expects it,
And lean into
Hys finances, hys
Lovers, and their
Inability to support
One another

Will hys idea
Of love become
An idea of
Survival, for the
Eventual arrival of
A steady pay,
And subsequent heat
To keep the
Oven on, in
The winter



Hys interest

             Will hys male
collect hym over
             years and years
until hys debt
             cannot be repaid
Will hys male
             accrue vast amounts
of interest along
             with several credit
cards that lay
             like silent peril
in the freezer
             Will hys male
             a bird sanctuary
breathing fog in
             the early morning
Will hys male
             be eventually fed
and laid on
             the bank of
the river, and
             carried slowly away

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