So long, Fearful

Focusing on the theme of Fear, in honor of Halloween. Enjoy!


By Jasmine Henri Jordan

It is “hey baby, can i walk you home” tipsy outside the wilson redline
it is “i shouldn’t have worn this”
it is if i say yes, it’s my fault
it is if i say no, it’s my fault

it is the second time the cashier swipes your debit card
it is an unopened bill on your desk
it is keeping the receipt in case you overdraft
it is putting a bagel on a credit card

it is turning over and reaching for their spot in bed when they are across town
it is the moment that you can’t see the end of us
it is the moment when you can see the end of us
it is “nothing’s wrong. i’m just tired.”

it is a hand on a crowded train
it is a stranger’s breath on your neck
it is holding your breath until your stop
it is stop, stop, stop

it is “hey, dyke!”
it is “hey, bitch!”
it is “hey, i’m talking to you”
it is “hey, can i walk you home?”

it is getting tangled at the ankles in a lie
it is getting too big too fast wedged in your ribcage
it is stay with me clutching the back if your neck
it is i’m sorry clutching the piece of flesh that keeps your tongue in your mouth

it is what you might do to be thinner
it is what you might do to be richer
it is what you might do if left alone
it is the ghost of all the things you meant to do

it is grasping at a moment you thought you wouldn’t forget
it is the sudden awareness that you are younger than you will ever be
it is realizing that you’ve lost touch
it is where the time went

it is a call at four am
it is the refrigerator on your chest at seven am
it is missing them at three pm
it walking home at eleven pm

it is “i need you”
it is doing it alone
it is not being able to do it alone
it is having to do it alone




By Alexander Gudding

at the child
who soon becomes

in the hallway
with hands on

in the closet
shirts that don’t

in the classroom
waiting to transform

that we carved
out in front

on the screen
in the deep

down the aisle
watch the union

suit in the
casket gleams, white

    tell me-
how many have
fallen, in the


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