Time to Body


their smile was fictional
hard to keep it cold
and a hand would lean over
to smother their blunder

If we keep faith and work hard

Will the spirit allow

Will our blood merge with the sound

or sallow

Last night you pushed the manual away
And threw up your head to the ceiling
CLimbed out of the fissure in your neck
and blessed us all one byy one

We never thanked you for that

We all felt such joy at your embrace

And after that house blew away

They found pieces for months in the lake

Again, another night, you walked out to
The pyre they had stacked and lit
Your arms reached out and pulled from the
harrowing noise a thrumming jungle of fear

We worried about you fora week after that

you’d flow through the hallways upside down
catching flies out of midair

the hole in your middle, the thunder there

“Did I lose track of you that soon?”
it was such a large shopping mall
Who could blame me
Who watched that scene unfold, and lied

all and all all the way through?




Dang though
Decided one incident wasn’t enough
took my jaw too long though
Kept beating the desk

What to learn from art, the sojourn
learned to walk straight lines
To perfectly guess the stop
And lay down my knife

Then their heat let loose in one touch

Strange how everything in my closet
Suddenly fits
Those men(?) who wear fall
Like breathing

Now every flaw
Burns down the block

Well on that stool in the living room
It can hold off for one second, maybe – ahaha, nope, never LEFT

Hate the smell of the carpeted floor
The rings on the stove
            Tiny skin in the kitchen

Greatful for the sull
Sick of salt in odor
Kicked into the brick, your neck, your head, your neck, your head, reckoned – what

[Is everything like etc.\\the smack?
You’re like a baby, who’s baby? -> she’s baby, or, sometimes he’s baby                                                                                                    ((Or what I found out, they’re baby))]






just hold the silence, please

callous, the scene skates in, between

resting on the edge of the coin

Truthfully, it hid in the sky

it was the magenta and purple spell

it drew the patterns, and held the rain

Until the field grew dry

To be that relief, hearty and fresh smelling


But, more like the soil now

And there is so much heat, speed

Some of the salt burning, pouring wide

Spread high





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