Sort of haunt



yeah this is the regular jersey
almost every day, spring of 09′

no, don’t remember too much from the flood
my arms still trace the motion of throwing

would wake up in the first hour or two of the night
passing sand bags; we were out there alone

it was one thing, to lose your home, or all of it
it was as if fire to see you community suffer

the tan humvees at every mouth
“What’s your address?”

as if they could know every home, just protectors
here for the season, felt more civilian then

almost lost the whole south side, to one little stream
no, not powerless, just _ hindered

brown slow and dead against the snow
it seemed to be, live-giving, they say

that taketh away
the say

our stomachs just sort of(hurt) the whole time
ate so little, and we’d see the loss of space

it was good for us, to know




No, don’t let over:
or, let it go

could poke. slick. to brush hair.
distant. but running lines. held.
this skin. white boy. with his laugh.
smooth. seems younger. suffer.
his money. bloody. some random.
Disney prince. shattered.
is my body. fallible. those hoards.
feeling ok leaving work each day.
felt the moment I couldn’t feel you
anymore. helpless to the humming.
well he started running. troubl.
here’s the key. here’s the rope, see.
here’s the prayer. though I’m not there.
Justice doesn’t demand traveling back
and forth. between decisions. it
seems we’re in for, that distant steam.




Hands in your pockets, kids

no no, no, no well, no, no no, no
could you rest on the theme
hand on a knee, heaving and bare

the low light and fumble of buttons
several fourteens (linked into seven)
on the carpeted floor, cushioned
explore in the basement
fast forearm and – released

you were turned so early, they said
this was normal, to be so unique
while we all remained soft and short
pinky and long hair and sweatshirts too large
thin bodies held alike

no no, no

was it unfair – well, who cares, no, well, no
it was unfair, if also, senseless and inanimate
you’re not porcelain, and we’re not steel

are we so fully bent now
that the scream isn’t even out




Rivers of England

If it’s not overflowing

It’s glowing

Down the road a few ways


To keep birthing away


When these memories visit

Random effigies

In the kingdom

Bring them




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