What a recipe!



Well that solo-ride livened me a bit
sucha brutal day to suddenly dissolve into whistling
just wanted to give up
get out of the liquor beams
and look there it came, right up to the fence
and licked my hand

this missile is flung over the sea
and it’s only getting worse
so it must be relief ordained
by so much cosmic crush
feels solemn, this unapproachable lift

like heading home, or away, alone
-all they did was type all day, or worse, listen
now they listen, and slide Rhythmically around the table
it’s a dirty table, but they don’t care
even that sad stain can’t bother me now
they’ll so much as glisten

oh, that ride home
oh, that compass problem
away in wind, and harmony bone
less and lengthened or tethered a little out
just so rich, this
remember your ribs
that hurtle stare
still healthy there

bush bush bush bush bush bush bush bush
hiding, not longer though, no
just listening, ooooo
Huddle with me there, locked arms
swinging out over the grass

you’ll get that sunshine back
that light last night
proves it’s there

away in wind, and harmony bone
That’s a loan.




Culture Ops

Brother just be here
When we are missing
That sound no longer heard
Comes crash shattering in
To lay off your sin
The words
Spoke and fell for
Laminated in black
And some history lost
We are no longer
Like some giant white hall
That visits in random
Or a sign of Our everlasting attempt
A failed fight
Like those bulky lines
Fired across the wall

Leave them
Let them feel their shoulders
Start to skim
Oh how they’ll sink
Like diamonds
In dirty water

Bury me brother
Deep where I can find you
Where they wrung from me
My holiness
Strewn and slobbered upon
Again and always
Why couldn’t you?
Save what I had to say?
Oh the colors now
Design awhile
Then mate for children
To lean upon

So are the things I fed
They come for me
Without question

Originated later

On rain day they said

“you’re going to fail”
and we did

Every thought I stole
I stole without knowing

It’d only deepen the river
Or lengthen the bend




Ordinary Magic

Gently hold their hair
And hold them close

Tightless hand
About your wize throat

There are in the world
Those soldier ones


When I’m brought before that jury I am maimed

When I’m sat before this jury I am claimed

Shower me with their
Restful thunder
Rain for later

Can you break this body’s heat
                                    That reeks of exhausting you
Trail down to the wading lane
Little pains

I could play along with you ————_where?

Howl downwards and leak into that soundboard
With the lazy stain

When will you tell me
That I can’t try any harder
Or that trying
Isn’t even the point

Can’t see clearly near you
Time to


IMG_1320 2


Hold this crane, hold open

They asked-
Could you be more accessible

A bird with open wings, flight patterns distinct and == tread == often
                    Could you be more discerning, Know the difference
between spans of sorrow
and times of regret

Could you act like you’re more thoughtful–
                    And as if that was hard to share
They tripped on the phrase
And down the stair

                                  Oh, And could you clear the table
                                  Even when I’m not there   

…I’ll pause here       \/

And wait-

For the cool breeze
One that lends me a few seconds of rest
From that newly burning sun that turns me red and ripe with hot tearing skin
This is the memory- I like to live in

When a fire () in the day
Serves a new purpose at night

It is with delight the news is delivered

I  r e m e
m b e r
a health I’ve not had for many years
a health of solitude large enough to allow me sleep
Of an’ for myself




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